22 July 2011

Basking Shark Hotspot - France

Basking Shark © C. Hennache - APECS.
Marie HAMEON, volunteer from APECS, the French organization dedicated to the study and the conservation of Elasmobranchs, updates us with the latest basking shark sightings in Brittany, West of France.

"The season has begun early this year; about 50 sightings have been reported between the end of March and the beginning of May, mostly around the Glénan archipelago in south Brittany.  The months of May and June have been quite calm with only a few sightings, this is unusual as May and June period usually concentrate most of the south Brittany sightings.

On the 7th of April, our team managed to deploy a pop-up archival transmitting tag on a 7m male. Unfortunately, this satellite tag popped-off prematurely after 5 weeks of deployment. The shark was then on the continental slope in the northern Bay of Biscay. We are now working on the data collected via Argos system to reconstruct the most probable track of this shark and his diving profiles. These results will complete the information already gathered in the frame of a program developed in collaboration with the Manx Wildlife Trust and the Fundacion Malpelo in 2009. You can download the final report here

We hope that some more sightings will occur before the end of the summer. We have two other tags to deploy...

*The APECS Website
*The Shark Trust