31 August 2012

Basking Shark Hotspot - Ireland

Image © Irish Basking shark Project.
Enda McKeogh from the Irish Basking shark Project, updates us with the latest sightings in Co. Kerry, SW Ireland.

As a part of the Monster Munch project, the Donegal team has deployed all 5 of their satellite tracking tags. Iascagáin,  Banba, Colm doesn't Cille, Bunagee Beauty and Green Marine have all been deployed in the Inishowen area. It was hoped that the tags would relay live positions of the sharks but only 2 have reported in; Green Marine has travelled 10 miles between the 8th and 12th of August while Colm doesn’t Cille (4m long juvenile) has travelled about 250 miles between the 8th and 20th of August and checked in just west of Loop Head in Clare. The team was hoping all the tags would relay live positions of the sharks but they are proving slow to  check in. This is not the end of the world though as the fast lock GPS tags deployed will provide a treasure trove of information once they detach from the animal allowing us to construct a complete 3-D track of the sharks movements.
Map 1
Map 2

Map 1
shows locations where tags were deployed. Green track shows movements of Green Marine.

Map 2 shows movements of Colm doesn’t Cille.

This season has been a difficult one for fieldwork, conditions had been poor resulting in very low numbers of sharks being sighted in May, June and July. This meant that the team did not have the option of picking and choosing the sharks they wanted to tag and had to take what came their way. Hopefully in the coming weeks the tags will relay more live positions allowing us to gain some insight into these leviathans movements. Click here to keep up to date with the sharks movements and our work."

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