07 August 2012

Basking Shark Hotspot - Isle of Man

Basking Shark fin © Manx Basking Shark Watch
Basking Shark © Manx Basking Shark Watch.

Haley Dolton, from the Manx Wildlife Trust has kindly written a blog for the Shark Trust, keeping us up to date on all the latest Basking Shark sightings from the Isle of Man hotspot. 

"Since the 24th July, Basking Sharks have been steadily sighted in Manx waters again! This is probably because of a spell of good weather allowing plankton to stratify in the water column.  

On the 27th of July, Happy Jack went out to try and make the most of these sightings and to much success! In approximately 3 hours, all 3 of the MK10 PAT tags were on and 6 DNA samples were taken. A very productive 3 hours! 

One shark that was tagged, Eric, had also been tagged in 2011, which is great for the continuity of the MBSW project. Eric was also completely unfazed by the tagging and kept approaching the boat! 

Hopefully, the plankton will stay on the surface of the sea for a little longer, allowing us to observe the sharks for the rest of this month."